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yael naim music :'(


Two men at the Communist Nudist Colony are sitting on the porch.
One turns to the other and says, “I say old boy, have you read marx?” The other says, “Yes, I believe it’s these wicker chairs.”

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"Can you spell that please?"
"M-l-e-p… clay."
"Did you say "clay"?"
Yes, the “clay” is silent”

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DOG PASSES OUT FROM EXCITEMENT AFTER BEING REUNITED WITH OWNER - The schnauzer, Casey, was taken to the vet, the vet saw the video, and everything is fine with her.”

A Miniature Schnauzer named Casey greeted his family member after a two-year separation. He was so excited that he appears to have passed out momentarily. A veterinarian checked him out and he is fine. Dogs are extremely loyal creatures.

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LOL microsoft support took control of my computer to fix something and at the end they were like “do you mind taking a short survey?” and then they opened up the survey and completed it themselves

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four cereals you will never taste

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lizard push ups

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the truth is out there.

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Game of Thrones Season 4 Bloopers (x)

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